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5 Things I’m loving now

2011 March 18

So here’s another installment of 5 things I’m loving now.  This might be a regular thing here, I’m not sure yet.  Or this might just be a phase.  Since I’m often at the grocery to replenish our supplies (which I didn’t often do when we were still living in a condo), I can’t help but buy things which are not on my grocery list.

So here goes…

1. Gluta Advance White & Firm Soap


I saw this at Rustan’s Supermarket when I was buying snacks for MG’s fieldtrip.  I was trying to look for a soap that could help whiten my skin.  I’ve been running outdoors for the past few weeks and my skin seems to get darker with each run.  And tan never suited me coz my features are kinda “mestizahin”.  The verdict?  It kinda works.  I think it helps that I’m not getting any darker but I don’t see significant lightening effects.  And I’m not so sure about the firming part.  I still rely on Nivea for that.  But I will continue to use this.  I like that it also helps moisturize my skin.  It’s not as drying as the other whitening soaps in the market today.


2. Milcu Roll-on Deodorant


I’ve read good reviews about it.  And they’re all true.  It really does keep the underarms dry even after exercise.  I’ve only been using it for two weeks now and it appears to be still full.  You don’t need constant application and it dries fast so no more standing in front of the fan to dry.  And it’s inexpensive too.  For less than Php 150, it would give you lots and lots of rolling action=)

But I feel that the formulation is too strong so I might alternate it with a gentler underarm deodorant when I’m just at home.


3. Burt’s Bees Pore Refining Mask with French Green Clay

french green clay

I love anything French.  So when I saw this at Beauty Bar, I knew I had to buy it and besides I was running out of mask during that time.  It’s in powder form so you have to add enough water to form a clay or paste before applying on the face.  Actually, you can even substitute water with carrot juice if you have mature skin, tomato juice for troubled skin and green tea for oily skin.  It says so in the literature though I haven’t tried it.  I use this when I feel that my skin is getting oilier.  It really helps control the oiliness. My skin feels tighter too.  So I’m not really sure if this product is good for dry or mature skin.

I also like that it’s so economical to use.  I just need less than a teaspoon for my face. And I don’t use this on my neck so I think a jar would last me many many months.


4. L’Oreal Revitalift

Double lifting

I don’t regularly use a night cream.  But at my age, I really should.  I saw this at the grocery together with other L’Oreal’s anti-aging products.  There were lots so choosing was hard.  They seemed to contain the same ingredients but they were all in cream form.  I have oily skin so as much as possible I try to stay away from cream-based facial products.  So I chose this.  The bottle actually contains both gel and cream.  The pump releases both the gel and cream and you have to mix the two before you apply on the face.  The pump could be tricky.  I had to pump several times before I got the gel out.

I’ve only been using this for over a week now and I can say that my skin looks firmer and tighter.  So I’ll keep using this.  And since this works,  I’m going to find out if there is a day cream or gel with SPF so I can apply it in the morning when I run.


5.  Buckwheat tea

greens cafe

I discovered this tea when we had lunch at Greens Cafe.  When I read that it helps regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, I immediately bought several sachets.  I love drinking this at night.  It’s so calming and I feel like I’m doing my body some good.  I don’t know about the cholesterol and blood part, I just know that it’s good for me.  It’s also caffeine-free.


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  1. March 18, 2011

    Sis, I think I need #s 1 and 5. Not that I need a whitening bar. Like you, hindi bagay sa akin ang tanned skin or darker complexion. I don’t know why but it doesn’t suit me. Also, summer is around the bend here in Dubai. No matter how much sunproof lotion I slather on my skin (making my skin more greasy in the process!), getting slightly darker is really inevitable. So, verdict, I need one of those whitening bars ;)

    I need to drink that tea too. You know naman, I have hypertension and I haven’t tasted buckwheat tea yet. I would love to try that. Saan ba yang Green Cafe na yan?

    Ria C

    It’s My Party
    Home is Where the Heart Is
    Red Lips and Pinky Toes
    Handmade with LOVE

  2. March 18, 2011

    Hi Tita! :)

    I’m afraid to use whitening bars because I’m afraid I might get an allergic reaction to it, so I use Johnson and Johnson’s milk bath instead, I share with the kids haha.. :D But recently I discovered Belo has a hypo allergenic whitening bar, I bought one small bar but I am still hesitant, I think when my milk bath runs out, I’ll try it.. :D

    I love Burt’s’ products too, kaya lang expensive.. :P

    I may need to try that buckwheat tea because I think I need less caffeine in my system.. :D

  3. March 19, 2011

    Milcu user here. :) Been using for years and I swear by it. I use the powder though. But, I’m not really one to sweat much, so I dunno it that makes a difference.

    Nice 5 things!

  4. March 20, 2011

    all the girls in my family use Milcu. :) ) really effective. :P powder form though.

  5. March 20, 2011

    Where did you buy the Milcu deo? I’d love to try that ’cause you said it dries fast. I usually don’t like roll-ons but it’s better than deo sticks ’cause they don’t damage the skin and darken it. Will wait for your response.

    I’m also in search of an anti-aging cream/product. And I’m also on the oily side so your recommendations are a must-try for me. I’m only using Myra-E, but will be switching to L’oreal soon ’cause of rave reviews about their products.

    And about #5, I only drink Lipton brisk tea and green tea. Looking forward to trying other teas though. I prefer it with caffeine though ’cause I’m relying on my tea now as my source of caffeine after I decided to minimize or quit drinking coffee. Hehehe.

  6. cherry permalink*
    March 21, 2011

    naku sis, i forgot where i bought the deo. but it can only be from these 3 groceries i frequent…rustan’s il terrazo along morato ave, s & r congressional or cherry foodarama also in congressional.

  7. March 22, 2011

    I think I need the buckwheat tea for my prince to regulate his blood because he always has high blood and he is so chubby now.

    He also drinks tea but I will recommend him to use this kind of tea. :)

  8. March 22, 2011

    i am an active user of milcu but this time it is a foot powder. I love the product because your feet really feels dry even when your feet are locked up inside your shoes for a long time.

  9. March 23, 2011

    another Milcu user here…I may pag asa pa kaya ako sa No. 1 hehehhehe

  10. March 23, 2011

    I use milku too! haha. I’ve been using it for years, and my hubby is using its foot powder, he likes it he said it’s effective in keeping his feet dry.

  11. April 1, 2011

    I’ve heard a lot of nice things about L’Oreal Revitalift but my skin is really “hiyang” with Pond’s. I’m using their Gold Radiance range and it’s great too.

  12. June 19, 2011

    i’ve heard about Milcu + even Jared’s dad is using the powder too. i must try it some time, see my feet sweat like crazy!

    i also would like to try burt’s but i think it’s kinda expensive, right? + the buckwith tea sure sounds interesting enough. i’ve only tried green tea so far + would love to try other sort of teas.

    love your fab 5 sis ;)

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