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Fudgey Goodness

2012 February 25
by cherry

Fudge is one of the best known and most craved treats for children and adults alike around the world. It is nearly impossible not to love the rich, decadent flavors and creamy texture of fudge, whether it is the traditional chocolate variety or one of the many creative variations like rocky road or even peanut butter. To make your own fudge at home, use this guide to help you make the standard recipe for chocolate fudge. Once you have mastered the basics, come back and try out some of the exciting takes on a traditional favorite.

Ingredients for Traditional Fudge: To make one batch of traditional chocolate fudge, you will need to have a large mixing bowl, a heavy pan for cooking and a buttered baking tray or pan. The ingredients for one large batch will be two and a half cups of white sugar, four ounces of milk chocolate, one cup of whole milk, one tablespoon of vanilla, one cup of marshmallows, one tablespoon of corn syrup and three tablespoons of softened butter. Set aside all of these ingredients and then begin the cooking process using the steps listed below.

Instruction for Making Traditional Fudge: Boil the milk and the sugar together over medium heat and stir while they cook together for roughly ten minutes. In a large mixing bowl, add all the remaining ingredients and mix together. Pour the milk and sugar mixture into the large mixing bowl and whisk together. This might take up to ten minutes of stirring, so pass the bowl around and recruit family members to help with this step. Once all the ingredients are melted and mixed thoroughly, pour it into a buttered baking tray. For the best tasting fudge, let this sit for a full day before eating to allow it to harden and the flavors to develop completely.

Peanut Butter Fudge: This is a great twist on the chocolate fudge favorite, and can be made using the same basic recipe as listed above. Instead of using four ounces of chocolate, substitute three quarters of a cup of peanut butter. Most people agree that the creamy type is best, although chunky can be used for those who like the crunch of the peanuts in the fudge. Although it is not necessary, replacing the white sugar in the traditional recipe with brown sugar will add a richer, deeper flavor that works well with the peanut butter flavor.

Rocky Road Fudge: To make this delicious alternative to traditional fudge, follow the standard recipe until the last step. After pouring the chocolate mixture into the buttered baking tray, add in your favorite nuts and mini marshmallows. The most popular nut choices often include peanuts, walnuts or almonds, although anything works well in this recipe.

Getting Creative: Once you have mastered the basic fudge recipe, you can tailor it for any event, holiday or taste preference. At Christmas, try adding in crushed candy canes at the last second to add in a fun peppermint flavor. If you love coffee, try adding in half a cup of espresso in place of half of the milk for a more grown up taste. Enjoy!

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