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Wedding Dresses for Winter

2013 November 18
by cherry

Winter weddings are usually characterized by cold and sometimes harsh weather.

Therefore, you need to choose the perfect color for your wedding. In fact, most

of the people go for purple and red colors during their wedding. However, you

would see how versatile they are during your wedding ceremony. In addition to

considering your dressing, it is significant to think about your bridesmaid dress.

What is the suitable dress during autumn?

During the autumn, the usual options are rich and deep colors for example red.

Alternatively, you can also consider a cobalt blue’s rich and vibrant wedding dress.

Cobalt blue is a dress which bridges effectively the gap between summer and

winter. The perfect match is a combination of black and cobalt with crystal jewelry.

This makes the current bridesmaid dresses 2013.

Navy blue is another favorite color which is suitable fore fall and winter weddings.

This is a timeless and a perfect color which remains sophisticated when you wear it.

The dress is also enhanced by pearl jewelry sets.

For brides who are opposed to dark and heavy colors, medium blue dresses are

the best. These dresses are kept with enough chocolate color which instills the fall

flavor. For enhanced creativity, you need to make it more attractive with winter

accents for example snow flake pendants, satin ribbons and silver painted pine

cones with roses for the bouquets.

Tips on looking for the bride dresses

The following tips will assist you to look for a perfect dress for your wedding:

  • l Look for the dresses earlier prior to the wedding day:

No matter how committed you are, you need not to wait until two weeks before

you look for the dress. There are high chances of finding an outdated dress or you

wouldn’t receive the dress in time for your wedding.

  • l Pick budget and stick to it

Before you start shopping at, you need to make a decision on how

much you are willing to spend.

cooking and music

2013 August 22

The kitchen is just one of the places I normally hang out in the house.  There’s a huge table, free drink refills, lots of food plus I can crank up some music depending on my mood.  It would mainly be old songs.  Songs that I grew up listening to.  None of the One Direction or Miley Cyrus songs. Oftentimes, I listen to instrumental songs with piano, guitar or cello stirngs at musician’s friend playing in the fore and background.

What about you? What is your favorite room in the house? What type of music do you listen to?

old books

2013 August 13

What do you do with your kids’ old books?  I used to keep them in storage for future use but I think I would need a bigger place sooner than later if I continue.  I have no more space and basing from experience it’s very rare that we get to used them again.  So what to do?  I can donate some and maybe sell the others so I can get some cash for books.  I tell you, they’re all piling just like my errands and backlogs.

happy weekend

2013 August 10
by cherry

Thinking of the beach right now and wearing this…

Happy Weekend, everyone. Where you may be…

on money

2013 July 27

Needless to say, everyone (or nearly) works hard for the money. This is so true. And I’ve proven this so many times in the past months. With our new-ish business venture finally taking off, I find myself busier than ever. Orders are coming in from repeat and new customers. More products are going to be introduced soon. We’re investing more money as more orders are expected in the coming months nearing Christmas season. Gosh, I feel so grown-up and responsible talking about finances, income, orders and working capital. So this is how it feels to be responsible. I admit, I’ve never been that “responsible.” I’m the happy-go-lucky type that every little thing I do is spontaneous. I guess it would be a thing of the past now as we invest more money in the business. This is definitely no joke. I have to be careful from now on. Every decision should be calculated.

So good bye good times.

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